frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

Find Answers About JAC Builders.

Yes, our builder and designer will assist you with the design process and choosing suitable colours. This is part of our custom service approach, and we will work with you to finalise all this before any construction work begins.

Every home is unique, and the work involved changes as a result. This means that the time needed to finish any project depends on the project itself. However, we will set out a schedule for the build within the contract, but that will include allowances for delays caused by weather or other unforeseen events, so build time is usually a little less than the contract schedule outlines.

Because the most important thing for us is the quality of the finished build—your home—we don’t focus on speed, but while we may offer a slower process than others, we know you will appreciate where we place our energy when you see the results.

With over 15 years experience in delivering exceptional quality work to South Gippsland
clients, we do believe that our team offers the best quality work you will find, and our
commitment to affordability means you are unlikely to save money by using alternatives, so
we do prefer to use our own experts.

However, in general, we are happy to work with suitable tradespeople or suppliers that you
specify, although this must be included and defined within the building contract before work
commences. This is to ensure that every party involved has a clear understanding of the work
involved, materials required, and schedule to adhere to.

As a family-run business, you wont have to deal with a faceless switchboard. Caron oversees
our office and Jacob works with you every step of the way to keep you informed and answer
any questions you may have. If Caron is unavailable, Jacob will be there to help.

Our comprehensive building contracts include a full schedule of the process the project will
follow. In addition, we provide an online building portal for your project that provides the
information you need about the current process. Of course, Caron and Jacob are always
available to answer any questions.

If you have any change requests, it is important that you use the online build portal or any of
the regular progress meetings to highlight your ideas as quickly as possible. It is much easier
to make changes before building commences where possible, and we do everything possible
to eliminate the need for adjustment during construction. However, we want you to have the
home of your dreams, so we will do our best to accommodate any changes you request.

J.A.C Home Builders has strict safety guidelines that must be always followed. You are more
than welcome to have regular onsite visits; in fact, we encourage them. However, we require
that our builder or site supervisor be present while you are on site to ensure your safety. You
can organise a visit with Caron and book an onsite visit that will fit the schedule.

The booking process for site access also includes any suppliers or other visitors who are not
hired by us. This means you will need to arrange with Caron to book an onsite inspection date and time,
as we need to follow OH&S guide procedures.