Our Working Process.

Stage 1: Design

  • You can choose one of our off-the-shelf designs, which can be modified to meet your needs, or we will arrange a meeting with one of our preferred home designers, who can work with you to create a custom design for your new home, extension, or renovation.
  • Once the house design is complete, we will provide a full estimate for the build price based on our normal range of inclusions. Other items and specifications can be added depending on your needs to create the perfect custom home for you.
  • If the design and price are acceptable and you think we are the right team to create your dream home, we will then provide you with a preliminary builder’s agreement (PBA), which is specific to your specifications. This will come at a cost that will be included in the initial estimate; this will include costs covering the building specifications list, architectural drawings, soil reports, engineering, and any other relevant reports required for your build.
  • Once all required reports and documentation have been obtained, we will then provide a fixed cost quote for the entire project and a final building contract tied to it. At this stage, for firm pricing, you will need to visit our suppliers and choose from the various finish options, including colour choices, appliances, fittings, and fixtures.
  • We will also provide a full virtual walkthrough of the home at an additional cost, allowing you to see your design in real time before any building commences. This is a great opportunity for any last additions or design tweaks that may become apparent.
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Stage 2: Construction

  • Apply for any necessary permits and approvals from all relevant authorities before the on-site work begins.
  • The second step in the construction process is signing the final contract. This will include all additions you may have requested and include your choice of appliances, colours, materials, and so on, providing a full fixed cost quote so you know exactly
    what you are getting.
  • Upon signing, we will ask for a deposit to begin the build. The amount depends on the project price, it will 5-10% of the contract total. By law, you have a 5-day cooling off period after signing the contract.
  • The construction itself will follow, with your online build portal also being created. Throughout the project, we will upload progress statements, photos, and other information to keep you informed as the work progresses. Our team is always
    available if you have any further questions, and if you would like to visit the site
    during construction, you can book a visit where you will be accompanied by one of
    our team members to ensure your safety.
  • Throughout the process, Jacob will maintain regular contact and work with you to
    implement any changes that you may need.
  • Finally, once completed and assessed, handover occurs, where you get the keys to
    your new dream home.